Llandudno (S.View, Griffith's text)

This Cromlech is called by the neighbouring people Llety-y-filiast (the Stone of the greyhound bitch [actually llety is kennel]). This name was given in allusion to the British Ceres or Ceridwen, who was symbolised by the female greyhound. It lies in a field called Maes-y-facrell, close to the old copper mines, on the Great Orme's Head, and is on the left hand of the road leading to the Old Telegraph Station. The chamber consists of four rude slabs supporting the capstone, with its entrance towards the east. The support that faces the south-west side is three feet eight inches in height, and two feet one inch in width in its widest part; the north-west is likewise three feet eight inches high, and seven feet six inches wide at its widest part; the north-east is three feet seven inches high, by three feet eleven inches wide, and the one at the North side is three feet seven inches high, by three feet five inches wide. The capstone is seven feet six inches in length by five feet ten inches in width at its widest part. Not recorded in Arch. Camb.

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