Ystymcegid (S.W..View, Griffith's text)

Formerly there were three Cromlechs adjoining each other here, but at present there is only one remaining, and this, I have been told, would have followed the others, if it had not been brought to the notice of Lord Harlech, the present landlord, who just rescued it in time. It is now in a line with a stone wall, with its capstone lying on four supports, varying from five feet and a half to six feet and a half high. The interstices were formerly filled to the top with dry masonry, and the chamber used as a shelter for cattle, but the walling has now partly fallen away, and the use of it for that purpose has been, for the present, discontinued. The chamber, originally, was about ten feet by nine feet. The capstone is of a triangular form, its greatest length being between fourteen and fifteen feet, and its greatest breadth about twelve and a half feet. It lies in a field north-west of Ystymcegid Farm, about three miles eas of Criccieth. (See Arch. Camb. Vol.XV 1869)

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