Cwt-y-Bugail nr Ro-Wen (S.View, Griffith's text)

This Cromlech stands on the right-hand side of the road from Ro-Wen to Bwlch y Ddeufaen, near the small farm of Tyddyn-ddu. It is called in the neighbourhood Cwt-y-Bugail. I was told by the tenant of Maen-y-Bardd (a farm lying nearby) that there had been another fine Cromlech close to the house, some years ago, but that it had been broken up by his father, for building purposes. The capstone is nine feet three inches long, and is three feet three inches wide at the south-east end, and two feet six inches at the north-west end, and at the middle it is eight feet wide. It averages about two feet in thickness. It has four supports. The one at the west side is four feet high by four feet three inches wide. The one at the north-west is three feet high by three feet wide. The one at the northern side is three feet six inches high by three feet wide, and that at the south-east is three feet high by three feet wide. At the east end, by the entrance to the chamber, there is a stone set on edge, which is one foot high and two feet wide. There is no record of this fine Cromlech in Arch.Camb., nor in the Ordnance [Survey] Map.

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