Early Manuscript references to Moelyci

Penrhyn MS 1621 (1588)

"The halfe yeares rent of llandegai to be gathered at Maye Ano. Dni. 1588...".
Moylycki is associated with a William ap Ifan and a Rees ap Einion[?] at a rent of iii l. [£3]

Penrhyn MS 1623 (1589)

"The halfe yeares rent of Llandegai to be gathered at Maye Ao. Dni. 1589...".
Moylyki is rated at iii l. [£3]

Penrhyn MS 1627 (1593)

Half years's rental of the townships of Cororion, Bodvayo, Bangor and Maenol Bangor at All Saints Day 1593. Moylleiki is associated with a Robert ap William ap Ifan who pays iiil. xs. [£3 -10s - 0d] rent

Penrhyn MS 1629 (1595)

Rental for Moelyky Llandegai Parish, not actually dated but estimated by Thomas Richards at 1595.

Penrhyn MS 205 (1600)

A broken document giving details of Penrhyn tenements in Cororion, tenants and rents. It breaks off abruptly with Dolawen. "A tenement called Moylyki in the occupation of Richard Mostyn; in villa pdca [in respect of the aforesaid tenement ?] rent £8 - 0 - 0".

Penrhyn MS 1631 (1610)

Account of rents and profits due to Piers Griffith of Penrhyn for messuages and lands in Maenol Bangor, Cororion and Llanllechid. "Tenementum vocat [ a tenement called] Molucky £4".

Penrhyn MS 117 (1611 - 12)

Document dated 1/3/1611 - 1612 in which the two Batemans give power of attorney to Thomas Price of Plas Iolyn, co. Caernarfon, William Griffith of Bodsilin, co. Caernarfon and Richard Griffith of Aber Cegin, to enter and take possession of all those lands mentioned in a pair of indentures dated 29/2/1611 - 1612 between the two Batemans and Piers Griffith. The tenements mentioned are Maes Cariadog [sic], Moelyci and Dolawen. Moelyci is spelled Moylike.

Penrhyn MS 122 (1612)

A deed of mortgage dated 30/12/1612 by Piers Griffith to the two Batemans upon Maes Cariadog, Dolawen and Moylike. The consideration is some £750. Doubtless this deed is connected with the matter of MS117.

Penrhyn MS 130 (1614)

A deed of mortgage dated 12/9/1614 by Piers Griffith to Henry Rowlands of Mellteyrn, Lord Bishop of Bangor, upon Moylycki "late in the tenure or occupation of Richard Moystyn gent". [see reference to MS 205 above] and other tenements all in Cororion for a consideration of £410. Terms of redemption; Feast of St. Andrew 1616. Witnessed by Edward Griffith, Dean of Bangor [of the Cefn Amwlch family] who became Bishop of Bangor himself in 1634.