Cambridge Mathematical Tripos History Sources


W. W. Rouse Ball Cambridge Notes 2nd Ed. 1921 Chapter XXI                                                        'The History of the Mathematical Tripos'

W. W. Rouse Ball A History of the study of Mathematics at Cambridge 1st Ed. 1889 Chapter X 'The Mathematical Tripos'

H. Gunning            Reminiscences of Cambridge 2 vols 1854   Personal account of the 1787
Tripos by a high Wrangler                                                                                                                         Chapter III

N. M.Ferrers and J. Stuart Jackson 1851                                                                                               Solutions of the Cambridge Senate House Problems 1848-51

J. J. Thomson       Recollections and Reflections 1935 Chapter II deals with his undergraduate
career, the great Tripos Coach E. J. Routh and achievment of the1880 Second Wranglership      'Undergraduate Life: Cambridge then and now'

J. E. Littlewood    A Mathematician's MIscellany 1953 Chapter II discusses problems from the
Old Tripos in which he was Senior Wrangler in 1905                                                                            'From the Mathematical Tripos'

J. E. Littlewood    A Mathematician's MIscellany 1953 Chapter VIII describes JEL's education
up to and beyond the Tripos Part I of 1905 and Part II of 1906                                                            'A Mathematical Education'

G. H. Hardy          Pure Mathematics 1st Edition 1908 in which Hardy's critical attitude to the
Old Tripos is made clear                                                                                                                          Preface


A typical set of questions from the 1905 Tripos. J.E.Littlewood would have faced this paper on
his way to the Senior Wranglership                                                                                                        Problem Paper from the Tripos of 1905.

Full list of Senior and Second Wranglers 1748-1909                                                                          Senior and Second Wranglers